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Sunday, 2 June 2013

"Johnny Mox" and "Bokassa"

"We = Trouble"
is the title of the Album offered to you for FREE,
by the gentlemen known as
 "Johnny Mox"
from 'Trento'
(Near Austro Swiss border)
Start with
Johnnymox_-_Bandcamp_"All we ever wanted was Everything"
With thought-about lyrics.
"Now that we have the Means, we dont have the Soul,
Now that we have the means, we dont have the goals"
Take the time to visit the Well put Together Website too,
alll you need to know at,
Johnnymox.com/official Website.
is the title of the album by italian band
from bari down in the south.
The picture is oddly apt,
in as much as there is an african sound to some of the percussion.
Horn's and an overall jazzy feel.
But a distinctive Math edge in evidence too.
Download their first album for free jezz below,
and also get their just released 2nd album

by the Enigmatically named,
"Maybe im Bokassa"
 free by visiting
 Lepers Productions,
and clicking the picture you see
on the left here,

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